Fortified Settlement of Michnice

The fortified settlement of Michnice is located 7 km to the south-west of Kaplice.

Origin of the Name:
The mane Michnice (Michnitz in the German language) comes from the Christian name Michna and it means "a village of Michna´s people".

Description of the Place:
The last records of the fortified settlement of Michnice were from 1615. Nothing was preserved of this settlement and it is not easy to locate the place where it was situated.

History of the Place's Residents:
The fortified settlement together with the village was mentioned for the first time in 1259. The yeomen of the Doudleby and Jivno families were settled there. At the end of the 14th century Mikšík z Michnic owned the settlement. His offspring were called Pouzarové z Michnic. In 1602 Peter Wok von Rosenberg bought the fortified settlement together with the village and seven years later he gave them to his nephew Jan Zrinský of Seryn. The village remained the part of the Rosenberg estates, the fortified settlement was probably sold. The last reference of the fortified settlement is dated 1615. The sources keep silent about its later fate. Nothing remains of this place.


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