Heraldry in the Český Krumlov Region

In the region of Český Krumlov there are three basic types of emblems. They are the emblems of aristocratic families (Emblems of the Aristocratic Families in the Český Krumlov Region), then the emblems of towns and villages (Emblems of Towns and Municipalities in the Český Krumlov Region) and last of all the third group of ecclesiastical heraldry (Ecclesiastical Emblems in the Český Krumlov Region).

Only noble people (aristocrats) or persons of juridical standing (towns and villages or ecclesiastical institutions) had the right to their own coat-of-arms. In the present region of Český Krumlov, there were in the past approximately 15 distinguished aristocratic families, 19 towns and villages and for ecclesiastical heraldry there were two important Cistercian monasteries -

Chapel on Křížová hora (Cross Hill) in Český Krumlov, coat-of-arms of town and miners above the portal

Vyšší Brod and Zlatá Koruna. Each mentioned had its own representation in its coat-of-arms. The coats-of-arms were often based on different things - for example directly on the coat-of-arms of the direct family, the ecclesiastical heraldry often evolved from the secular heraldry, for example took the theme from architecture, from nature etc. Individual emblems very often have some parts the same. In an emblem we very often find, when comparing, a combination of different motives. Today we still find emblems (coats-of-arms) on historical architecture, on grave stones, in art or icono-graphic sources.

Omlenička, Baroque church from 1732, tympanum of entrance portal with coat-of-arms of the Counts of Nützú and Thürheim, 1st half of 18th century, foto: Lubor Mrázek

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