Fortified Settlement of Větřní

Coat-of-arms of Višeň family from Větřní Location:
The fortified settlement of Větřní is located 4 km to the south-west of Český Krumlov.

Origin of the Name:
The name Větřní (the German name is Wettern) was derived from the word větřní = větrný = windy, so it is the village open to the wind.

Description of the Place:
The fortified settlement is embodied into a school complex and its original disposition is practically unidentifiable.

Architectural and Historical Development:
The fortified settlement is mentioned for the first time in 1347. It was newly built in the Late Renaissance style. It had a square plan and it existed until 1892 when it was rebuilt into a school.

History of the Place's Residents:
The village of Větřní is mentioned for the first time in 1347 when it was a part of the Český Krumlov estates. Peter I. von Rosenberg gave Větřní to his servant Petr Višně who was the founder of the family of Višňů z Větřní in 1347. Several members of this family served in the Rosenbergs´ service. In the 15th century the estates were passed over to the Chieftains from Pasovary, the relatives of Višňů z Větřní. It remained in their ownership until 1603 when, because of their insolvency, they were forced to sell Větřní, Kaliště and Němčí villages to Český Krumlov town. Větřní was in the ownership of Český Krumlov until 1850.