Fortified Settlement of Chlumeček

The fortified settlement of Chlumeček is located 1.5 km to the north-west of Křemže.

Fortress Chlumeček, inhabitable building

Origin of the Name:
The diminutive of the word "chlum" that means a hill in the old Czech language.

Description of the Place:
Today the fortified settlement no longer exists. It was situated on the place of today's dwelling house from the 18th century and its annexed farm yard. The cellars underneath the dwelling house are the only remains of that fortified settlement.

Architectural and Historical Development:
The first evidence of this fortified settlement comes from 1440. At the end of the 16th century it was rebuilt. A brewery with a malt-house and out-buildings pertained to the large settlement made of stones. During the 18th century the farm yard and the dwelling house were built on the location of the settlement.

Kořenští family of Terešovo, coat-of-arms History of the Place's Residents:
The fortified settlement is mentioned for the first time in 1440 and originally it was owned by the Chieftains from Křemže. In 1447 it was taken by Ulrich II. von Rosenberg who sold it in 1451 to the Chieftains from Chlum. In 1547 the Častolárs from Dlouhá Ves received the fortified settlement of Chlumeček. They built a new fortified settlement and sold it together with the village to Karel Maxmilián Kořenský z Terešova in 1665. Jan Augustin Miličovský z Brauenberku bought it from him in 1673 and sold it very cheaply to the Cistercian monastery in Zlatá Koruna in 1678. There the monastery produced beer and spirits very successfully. When the monastery was abolished in 1787 the Schwarzenbergs received the fortified settlement of Chlumeček and annexed it to their Český Krumlov estates.

Present use:
Today a farm yard situated on the location of the former fortified settlement, it is used for agriculture purposes.


Fortress Chlumeček, view onto agricultural courtyard