Little Castle "Ptačí Hrádek"

Location :
The unfinished monument of the little castle of Ptačí hrádek is located to the north not far of the State castle of Český Krumlov.

Ptačí hrádek near Český Krumlov, overview Ptačí hrádek near Český Krumlov, view of the copula

Architectural and Historical Development :
It is an unfinished monument built in commemoration of the victory of the united army of Russia, Austria and Prussia over Napoleon Bonaparte in the battle of Leipzig in 1813. These armies were commanded by the brother of duke of Český Krumlov Karel I. Filip zu Schwarzenberg. The design of this monument was made by the builder Jan Sallaba who also designed the observation tower on the top of the Kleť hill. The whole construction was stopped for lack of money and it was only roofed over.

Little Castle Little Castle