Řehoř Schamper

(16th century) musician

..Trumpeter Řehoř Schamper was one of the first musicians who was taken into service by Wilhelm von Rosenberg. Wilhelm became very fond of him soon, and Řehoř served him from childhood into old age and in the 1560\'s most probably conducted the Rosenberg band. This musician taught wind instruments as well as a wooden musical instrument called a "cink" in Linz. Although Schamper had long lasting bonds to the town council of Linz, he was discharged at the personal insistence of Wilhelm von Rosenberg and went to serve at the court of Wilhelm in Český Krumlov where lived out the rest of his days. Wilhelm helped Schamper buy a house in Latrán No. 45 in Český Krumlov. This favourite musician accompanied Wilhelm during his military expedition against the Turks in 1566 where he sounded pre-arranged signals with a trumpet. Together with other musicians he played during everyday as well as on gala occasions at the Rosenberg court. The face of Řehoř Schamper can be seen on a sgraffito on the Renaissance facade of the so-called Vlašský courtyard (Dlouhá No. 32) in Český Krumlov.