Rybářská č. p. 5

Rybářská no. 5, view from water Location:
Rybářská No. 5

Description of the Building:
Ground floor building on the side of a hill with smooth facade and classical gable

Architectural and Historical Development:
The layout has two deep wings with flat ceiling rooms. Historically remarkable are the cellars on the bottom terrace level, which are vaulted by stone barrel vaults, some with sectors and some without. The building is from the 15th or beginning of the 16th century, and was reconstructed in Classicism (ground floor and the house gable). Facade by the river is opened by a barrel vaulted passage. Adaptations also occurred in 1935 and probably in 1954 as well.

Significant Architectural Features:
Classical gable with frontispiece.

History of the House Residents:
The first known owner of the house was a higgler, Kašpar Diernhoffer, after whom in 1573, a tanner, Michal Schromser occupied the house. In 1589 the house was occupied by another tanner, Petr Wurzhofera. From 1601 - 1618 Pavel Sanner, a currier lived here. He moved to a nearby house, No. 37, and vacated the house for another currier, Mates Andraška. In 1631 Mikuláš Eker occupied this house. His family resided in the house until probably 1693. In this year a draper, Albert Siller came to the house, and in 1723 was replaced by a mayor of Český Krumlov, Jakub František Schabl. He wasn't here for long and during the same year became an owner of the house of an administrator of the Clarissian convent, Řehoř Pfeffer. Next, during the time frame of 1728-1733, Kašpar Reif occupied the house. After him, Šebestián Worsch inhabited the house until 1745. For two years Jan Kotzmich settled down there, and after him Urban Prietmüller lived there. During the time frame of 1772 - 1800 the house belonged to František Kellner. Among the owners in the 18th century there was a carpenter, a butcher, and a draper. In the 19th century there was a cutter, a draper journeyman, and drapery tradesman. Names of owners, in the first half of the 19th century were Jan Thaler, right after him was Jiří Matz. From 1809 Alois Rödl owned the house, in 1819 Antonín Riemer purchased it. Next in 1820 - 1826, Lorenc Reitinger. Josef Resch occupied the house at least until the 1840's. In 1929 a bricklayer or a hewer resided in the house.

Present Use:
Hostel Ryba