Johann Christian I. von Eggenberg

(1641 - 1710) Baroque aristocrat

The portrait of Jan Kristian of Eggenberg, copy according to de Veerle, Červený Dvůr(?), 1706, oil painting on canvas, complex restoration done by Stojan Genčev, Prague, 1995 Johann Christian I. settled perfectly in the Czech neighbourhood for the reason that he chose Český Krumlov for his residence while his brother Jan Seifried looked after their properties in Styria. Johann Christian formed a court with very favourable conditions for theatre, music, art and also architecture. He began baroque reconstruction of the castle which meant rebuilding representative halls and rooms and saloons, building the castle\'s main flight of stairs, a new castle mint, a new theatre (see Castle Theatre in Český Krumlov) from 1681 - 1686 or a new garden (see Castle Gardens in Český Krumlov styled after the French. He looked after the development of his estates.