Latrán No. 96, Na ostrově

Latrán no. 96, overview Location:
Latrán No. 96, Na ostrově

Description of the Building:
One story house standing on a sloping terrain on the rock near the estuary of Polečnice to Vltava. The Classicist front is subdivided by lisenes with caparisons.

Architectural and Historical Development:
This is a Classicist house but was built on the site of an older house. The wing was built in 1898. Remarkable is the stone cellar with barrel vaults.

History of the residents:
The site of today´s house used to be, in the old days, a favourable place for fish farms. Gardens appeared around here, which together with the fish farms became an object of commerce. In 1771 Martin Fuchs bought a fish farm next to the hospital from Josef Turkowitzer. Two other extinct fish farms were situated nearby, and Fuchs built a garden house there and established a garden. He sold this house in 1779 to Jan Hasslinger, who later passed over to Regina Hasslingerová. She in turn sold it in 1783 to Matyáš Stutz, who used it until 1817. Later the house became the property of Jan Haslinger who held it until at least the 1840´s.

Present Use:
Tourist accommodation - B. Cinolterová.