Latrán No. 36

Latrán no. 36, Nové Město Location:
Latrán No. 36

Description of the Building:
Three story building with a sgraffito facade, small gallery under the roof and a double-pitched shingle roof with hips. There is a sign with a hammer and a mallet between the second story windows.

Architectural and Historical Development:
This is a late Gothic house that was rebuilt during Renaissance. It was modified and modernized between 1952 and 1954.

Significant Architectural Features:
Remarkable is the sgraffito facade and the Renaissance interior layout of the first story with its central hall with a stairway and side rooms with barrel vaults. Part of the second story also has barrel vaulting.

Latrán no. 36, grafitto Latrán no. 36, Nové Město, detail of sgrafitto decoration of the facade

History of the House Residents:
In the beginning of the sixteenth century, the house was owned by the Rosenberg court tailor. When he died, his wife Voršila in 1519 sold the house to tailor Jan. The next owner, who bought the house in 1558, was also a tailor named Bastl. Saddler Wolf Schultys bought the house in 1563 but sold it two years later to shoemaker Řehoř Khop. He paid for the house in installments up until 1604, when he died. His wife Kateřina lived there afterwards. Gun-maker Václav Pacovský owned the house during the 1650s, followed by a dyer (coloring cloth black) Jan Stadler. Between 1752 and 1835, the house was owned by dyers Antonín Spek and Pavel and Antonín Pechtl. The Pechtl family owned the house owned the house even after they died.

Latrán no. 36, Nové Město, overview Present Use:
Private dermatologist practice
Accommodation Loskotová