The Schwarzenberg Coat-of-arms

Schwarzenberg coat-of-arms  The German noble family of Schwarzenbergs was originally called the Lords of Seinsheim and their proper emblem was a shield with silver and blue stripes. After the conquest of Raab, the Turkish fortress, the emblem was enlarged in 1599 by Adolf zu Schwarzenberg with head of a Turk, his eyes being pecked out by a raven. In 1688, there was another modification of the coat-of-arms which was improved by the symbols of other dominions. Three red spikes in a green field symbolise the Schultz dominion which was annexed to the dominion by Ferdinand zu Schwarzenberg after the marriage with Marie Anna von Schultz. A burning twig symbolises the Brandis dominion. In the heart shield of the coat-of-arms there are emblems of the Schwarzenberg dominions - a tower on a black hill and Kleggau -three golden sheaves. Two golden lions occassionally appear as shield-bearers. The prince's crown above the coat-of-arms symbolises the prince's title.