Ecclesiastic Emblems in Český Krumlov

Symbol of Minorite Order On several ecclesiastic properties in Český Krumlov, we can find emblems of members of ecclesiastic institutions or its dignitaries. These are emblems of the Minorites, the Jesuits and prelates of Český Krumlov.

Ecclesiastic heraldry developed from profane heraldry and therefore uses a coat-of-arms, but instead of a helmet, jewels and symbol of rank it uses symbols of ecclesiastic power - hats with strings and tassels, crucifix, mitre, crozier, and so on. Both emblems can be used only by bishops who are at the same time secular princes. Bishops and other prelates who were vested with infule (mitre) in virtue of the special papal privilege (e.g. abbots), have put infule above the coat-of-arms at the right side and the bishop´s crozier on the opposite side. Bishops wear it with the scroll turned over as a sign of their right to exercise legal administration in their territory, while abbots, as other prelates, direct towards infula, since their jurisdiction is related only to the region of the monastery. This regulation, however, was not heeded. In ecclesiastic heraldry we find more exceptions than in secular heraldry, as it was not under strict heraldist control.

An ecclesiastic emblem was given by the appurtenance to the ecclesiastic community from a higher ecclesiastic rank or the Pope himself. Choice of the emblem was left to the will of its holder. Many of them attached their family seal to the emblem either in the hearth tablet or in the first field, which made it more glorious and more complex. Only modest members of monk orders were not permitted to have emblems due to strict holy orders. Czech monasteries usually don't have emblems or seals since they use emblems of the holy orders sometimes enriched by the picture of the monastery church, as is the case of the Czech ones.

1. Convent of the Minorites in Český Krumlov (The Minorite Monastery in Český Krumlov)
The emblem of the Minorites is placed above the victory arch of the former Monastery Church of the Anguish of the Virgin Mary and the Body of God.

Description of the emblem: in a black (blue, silver, golden) field is a golden (red, black) crucifix with lightning coming from the clouds, in front of the crucifix is Christ´s dressed arm crossed with the bare arm of the order's founder - St. František of Assissi, both with red stigmas. According to legend, Christ revealed himself to St. František in 1224, printed his blows (stigmas) on his body and is thus reminded in the emblem of the order.

2. College of the Jesuits in Český Krumlov (Horní No.154)
The emblem of the order is painted in the courtyard of the former college of the Jesuits (presently the hotel Růže) between the seal of Wilhelm von Rosenberg and his fourth wife Polyxena of Pernstein.


Description of the emblem: in a blue (red) field is Jesus´ abbreviated name IHS with a crucifix above the letter H and three spikes under it, all in flame aureola.

Prelatura (Horní No. 155)
Over the covered stairway of the prelatura is a brown plate in a volute coat-of-arms as a reminder of the reconstruction of the building after the fire in 1768 under the supervision of prelate František Kfeller, whose emblem is placed in the upper part of the plate.

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