Marie Ernestine von Eggenberg

(1649 - 1719) maiden name Schwarzenberg Aristocrat

The portrait of Marie Arnoštka of Eggenberg, née of Schwarzenberg, copy according to de Veerle, Červený Dvůr (?), 1706, oil painting on canvas, state after restoration, complex restoration done by Stojan Genčev, Prague, 1995 Marie Arnoštka married Johann Christian I. von Eggenberg in 1666. Since they did not have any children from that marriage, all of the Eggenberg properties went to the closest relatives of Marie Ernestine von Eggenberg, the Schwarzenbergs, after she died. Her nephew Adam Franz zu Schwarzenberg received the properties, and to them added Český Krumlov, Vimperk, Orlík and Zvíkov, thus creating the most wide-ranging estates in the South of Bohemia. This very cultured woman and her husband Johann Christian built the court up to a very high cultural level.