Jetřich Slatinský of Slatinka

(died 1591) Rosenberg District Custodian

Horní no. 159, Kaplanka, tombstone of Jetřich Slatinský from Slatinka We have the first mention of Jetřich in 1552 in Hluboká where he worked as high officer. In 1572 Slatinský was already in Český Krumlov where Wilhelm von Rosenberg signed a contract with him, and he served in Wilhelm´s service in his castle office. From 1574 to 1586 he worked as district castle custodian. He became a deputy of the Rosenbergs on their estates and possessed wide political, military, economic, judicial and police authority. He held this post at the time when Jakub Krčín of Jelčany and Sedlčany served as custodian on the Rosenberg estates. In 1588 he bought the house on Latrán no. 37 in Český Krumlov which, from the architectonic point of view, is very curiously built. Jetřich Slatinský served as the district castle custodian at the time when the Český Krumlov castle was under reconstruction. He gave information of construction progress to Wilhelm von Rosenberg, and his letters from 1574 - 1580 are very interesting in that he mentions the names of particular castle rooms that had already been removed. In 1580 he also discussed the construction of a roof on a castle tower, in 1586 he participated in setting the cornerstone of a Renaissance building of the Jesuit college - Horní No. 154 and in 1588 he had a covering of a staircase built to the vicarial St. Vitus church. In 1589 Slatinský established a foundation and the money from this foundation was divided into alms for poor people in an asylum, a reconstruction of St. Vitus church and the money for a house of poor pupils by the Jesuit college. Slatinský died in December 1591. A granite tomb stone on a wall of a house called Kaplanka - Horní no. 159 street - still marks his life.

Jetřich Slatinský ze Slatinky, document with signature Latrán no. 37, former house of Jetřich Slatinského ze Slatinky