Jaromír Hořejš

(1903 -1961) Writer, pedagogue

Jaromír Hořejš His surname was František Hořejš. He studied at teacher\'s college (1922) and was an external student of the Faculty of Philosophy of the Charles University (1929 - 1931) and of the High school of pedagogy in Prague (1931 - 1934). He taught on several schools on South Bohemia, in 1925 - 1926 in Větřní and from 1926 to 1930 also in Český Krumlov. He then left for Prague where he taught, then from 1938 to 1949 worked as an editor of the State Pedagogical Publishers. In 1949 - 1950 he worked in docks, glass works and china works, and from 1959 to retirement he taught again in Prague. He wrote some prose for children and adults as well as poems, dramas and translations from English. His works of regional literature include his prose "A Town under the Mountains" (1930), a light-hearted story of the beauty of Český Krumlov and its citizens. In 1944 he published the historical novel "Man against Man" set during the time of the last Rosenbergs in the 16th century. The main characters are Jakub Krčín of Jelčany and Sedlčany and his opponent, the hetman Kryštof. Together with Bartuška he published a work entitled Český Krumlov (1927) and in 1929 he himself published a work "A Battle for a Czech School in Český Krumlov".