Bartoloměj Beránek, known as Jelínek

(died 1618) Renaissance painter

Český Krumlov, oldest known iconography of Castle Tower and Little Castle, detail from portrait of Jan of Pernstein, author Bartoloměj Beránek - Jelínek, 1590 Bartoloměj Beránek was a painter at the court of Rožmberks and came into the service of Peter Wok von Rosenberg in 1585 to decorate the recently rebuilt Bechyně palace with Renaissance paintings. In the early 1590\'s he came to Český Krumlov to work on the Renaissance fresco decorations on the newly rebuilt castle tower (see Castle No. 59 - Castle Tower) and the contiguous Castle No. 59 - Little Castle. He followed with the work of his predecessor Gabriel de Blonde. He also created many portraits, vedutas and maps for Peter Wok and Emperor Rudolf II. He lived at Dlouhá no. 98 street in Český Krumlov.

Further information :
Chateau No. 59 - Lower castle, restoration of renaissance mural paintings