Široká No. 82

Široká no. 82, view from bridge Location:
Široká No. 82

Description of the Building:
An original two-storey house with a high saddle roof. It is articulated by two window axis towards the street and by one axis in the direction of the river. A Classical extention abuts on the back elevation of the house. It was rebuilt into a tower with a pyramid roof in 1898. The house neighbours with the house at Široká No. 85. Široká No. 85. K objektu je připojen původně klasicistní přístavek, přestavěný roku 1898 do podoby věže se stanovou střechou.

Architectural and Historical Development:
The house No. 82 was originally half of a former manorial medieval mill from the 14th century, separated from the western part by a mill race. We do not know much about the Gothic construction stages. Anna von Rosenberg, geb. von Rogendorf had the house rebuilt in Rennaissance style and decorated with a gable in 1558 (a part of the building with the gable creates a part of No. 85). Further late-Rennaissance reconstructions were carried out in the years 1608 - 1611. A very extensive reconstruction was held in 1686. In about 1850 the second floor was added.

Development of facade:
A rough plaster layer on the base surface appeared from the late Middle Ages period. There was a painted frieze created by rectangular shapes and framed by a red and black line under a cavetto ledge. Window holes were framed by red links with diagonals in their corners. Any building adaptations were not discovered from the Baroque and Classicism period. Around the half of 19th century the second floor was built on, and the window holes were newly restored, a green-and-ochre-coloured scheme was used.

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In 2000 the street front was adapted by breaking other two window holes, the late Middle Ages decoration work was not covered. A green-and-ochre-coloured scheme inspired with the Classicism coloured design was applied. The silicate paint seems to be optically and technologically unfit.

Significant Architectural Features:
Preserved Gothic masonry up to the level of the first floor.

Široká no. 82, view from the Vltava River History of the House Residents:
This is probably the oldest core of the mill "below the castle", mentioned in the edict of Peter I. von Rosenberg in 1347. Until 1596 it was a tributary mill. In the same year Petr Vok z Rožmberka gave it to the town. The mill is mentioned as malting in historical resources from 1528. Later the building was divided into a mill and a tanner mill. In the years 1608 - 1611 it was reconstructed by the town council (together with No. 80). In 1782 the malting mill was still the property of the municipality, and served the town brewery exclusively. After 1857 it was probably changed back into a flour mill.

Present Use:
Antiquity bazaar, Café terrace