Rooseveltova No. 49

Rooseveltova No. 49

Description of the Building:
Modern building

Architectural and Historical Development:
The house was apparently built in middle of the 16th century. After demolition of the old house, there was a completely new building built on the same place.

History of the House Residents:
As the first owner we can consider some Kašpar, possibly a potter. The first documented owner of the house was a bricklayer, Toman (Tomáš) Plotner, who bought the house on the end of the 16th century from "stará Markéta". He inhabited the house until 1606. Then came Kryštof Zedl. The ownership of the house was taken over by his sister Anežka. She is recorded as the owner until 1630. In this year we meet here a bricklayer, Melichar Reiter. His family inhabited the house until 1690. After that Jiří Neusidler resided here and next, in 1698, a shoemaker named Bernard Bolssem took over the ownership of the house. He was replaced in 1713 by Jan Kristián Knitta. After him a weaver, Matyáš Tuschlbauer moved into the house (1728). In the time frame of 1758 - 1767, Antonín Landler, a stocking maker, conducted his trade in the house. In the following years the house was inhabited by Alexandr Kirsche family. In 1810 the house was inherited by the Schwarzbach family.

Present Use:
Mini market