Rooseveltova No. 45

Rooseveltova No. 45

Description of the Building:
One-storey building on a hill with modern facade. Modern layout with flat ceilings except the cellar, which is semicircular barrel vaulted.

Architectural and Historical Development:
In the 17th century on this allotment there was only a stable. The house was built, according to the archive records, in 1788. The object was adapted into modern style.

History of the House Residents:
In 1660 there was a stable, which belonged to Jan Finkenauer`s courtyard. A residential house was built around 1788 and Jan Tonnebauer was the first owner. In the same year he was replaced by Jan Wölfel, who resided here until 1801, later in 1801 Václav Hansalík occupied the house. In 1818 the house was inhabited by someone with the name Jan Wölfel (it could be an inheritor, or just a coincidence of names). Further owners didn't inhabit the house for long. From 1833 - 1836, Pavel Freudenschuss lived there, followed by Josef Miko, who resided here until 1840. Afterwards the house belonged to Josef Neubauer.

Present Use:
Bed and Breakfast - Restaurant Vltavín