Parkán No. 123

Location:Parkán no. 123, overview

Description of the Building:
This one-storey building with a Classical facade was built around 1800. The layout is also Classical with barrel vaulted areas and rooms with flat ceilings. The cellar is vaulted from stone. On the gable are five Classical ceramic vases.

Architectural and Historical Development:
The building was created during the Renaissance, and around 1800 it was reconstructed to its present appearance in Classical style.

History of the House Residents:
Voršila Weschová was the first owner of the house starting in 1624, and she was replaced by Matyáš Schwäbl. During 1641 - 1654 the house belonged to a glazier, David Kögler, and after that the house was acquired by the city Český Krumlov. From 1660 the Jiří Wyla family resided in the house, and in 1694, Matyáš Tischer became the owner. A knitter, Václav Ittler, owned the house from 1707 until 1755. After him the Nikolin family moved into the house, and resided in the house until 1834. Until at least the 1840\'s the house was occupied by the Škoda family.

Present Us :
Accommodation Kozák

Parkán no.  123, overview