Panská No. 16

Panská no. 16 - corner view - facade towards town square and Panská Street Location:
Panská No. 16

Description of the Building:
This two-storey building that sits on the corner of where Svornosti Square meets Panska Street is covered with a saddled roof that has got a pitch that is perpendicular to the square. The Classical facade of the building, which faces the square, is topped by a parapetted gable with scrolled edges. A stone pillar that marks where the previous arcade used to be is preserved in the corner of the entrance to the ground floor. The main facade is decorated with emblems of the town pharmacists. The side wall faces Panska Street. On the back side of the building, at the level of the first floor, there is a Gothic window. At the entrance to the building there is an arched, stone portal. The spatial layout of the base of the ground floor is separated into two sections. Parts of the late Gothic and Renaissance vaults are well-preserved in the ground floor and the mezzanine area of the building. The expansive cellars space is original Gothic and contains stone barrel vaults.

Architectural and Historical Development:
The original Gothic building can be dated to the 14th century. The two separate structures that originally stood on this plot of land were connected to one another before the year 1536. Numerous vaults in the interior of the building, and the joisted ceiling in the sitting room on the first floor originate from this time. At the beginning of the 17th century, Renaissance style alterations were made to the building and the arcade was constructed. In the second half of the 18th century, the second story was added, the arcade was walled up, and the interior and exterior of the building underwent a late-Baroque renovations.

Panská no. 16, coat-of-arms town of Český Krumlov on facade of house

Significant Architectural Features:
Facade of the building

History of the House Residents:
In the year 1424 the building belonged to Jan Zautraver. After a man named Pavel Hoch (Ziga) owned the building, it was obtained by Petr of Rosemberg in 1484. Matej Puklik bought the building from him in 1495 and when he died his widow Vorsila was remarried to Jan Krenauer from Haslach, to whom the ownership of the building was transferred. Krenauer sold the building in 1526 to the baker Toman, who later sold the building to doctor Mates Landauer. From 1545 the building was in the hands of the tailor Linhart Hirs. After his death in 1561, his widow was remarried to a tailor named Martin Dimbera, who died soon after. Barbora was then remarried to yet another tailor named Jakub Neumeister, who died of the plague with his son Krystof in 1585. Surviving them was Jakub´s daughter Regina, who was married in 1587 to Josta Schmidt who was, but of course, a tailor for the Rosemberg court. In the mid-17th century, the building was purchased by the weaver-shopkeeper Leonard Engelhard. In 1691 the building was bought by a member of the Eggenberg Band, the prince\'s court trumpeter Kristian Schmidt. After 1721, the majority of the owners of the building were various shops and businesses.

Present Use:
Pharmacy, MuDr. Jarmila Křikavová

Panská no. 16, entrance portal