Masná No. 135

Masná no. 135, overview Location:
Masná No. 135

Description of the Building:
One-storey building with a smooth facade. The entrance portal is granite with a ribbon. The ground and the first floor are in the middle of the building width, and are accessible from only one room. The hall ceiling on the ground floor is barrel vaulted. A narrow side facade has a wooden corridor in the loft.

Architectural and Historical Development:
A house with a late Gothic core, later underwent Baroque adaptation and a modern reconstruction.

History of the House Residents:
Masná no. 135, side facade The first known owner of the house was Michal Hlozpecen (Hlozbezna), who was replaced by Řehoř Blacha in 1548. Until 1590 a shoemaker, Jiří Stallknecht, lived there and after him, Anna Teuflová (Čertová). Before 1600 her husband, Matyáš Angstwurm also resided in the house, who later on moved into the house No. 3 on the square. Václav Lopatka inhabited the house only for one year, and in 1601 he moved to the house No. 130. For three years the house was occupied by Voršila Lanzendorfferová, and she was replaced by Tomáš Schücz. During 1622 - 1629 a furrier, Mates Steiner, lived there. After him Antonín Franknech moved into the house, and his family lived there until 1682. Another owner of the house was a saddler, Bartoloměj Schmidt. In 1698 a princely groom, Matyáš Perndorfer, became the owner. His family owned the house until 1783. During that year a furrier, Dominik Rädl moved into the house. During 1785 - 1826 the house was occupied by the Lindl family. The family inherited his tailor trade. After them, Václav Malschinger inhabited the house until at least the 1840`s.

Present Use:
In the house are offices, Bed and Breakfast Cortés.