Latrán No. 8, castle stairs

Castle steps no. 8 Location:
Latrán No. 8, castle stairs

Description of the Building:
Newly modified house with a partially articulated facade.

Architectural and Historical Development:
A Gothic house, reconstructed during Baroque, Classic and at the end of the nineteenth century. There are two chambers with a barrel vault in the cellar.

History of the House Residents:
The first owner of the house was probably trumpeter Ebrl (Eberl) in the beginning of the sixteenth century. The first evidenced owner, Ambrož Klenbar, died in 1530. His wife lived in the house with their son Vít and furrier Havel. She died in 1541. Jan Šmelhuda purchased the house in 1532 but died soon afterwards. He was survived by his wife who married again, this time to a man named Jakub who then used Jan\'s surname. They sold the house in 1540 to sword-cutler Valentin (Foltýn). Valentýn died in 1559 and was survived by then pregnant Anna and son Linhart. Spur maker Marek bought the house around 1560. He died in 1582. The widow, Dorota, lived in the house until 1600. In 1613, the house was sold to Antonín Schmelz, along with a small shop located opposite from the St. Jošt Church. Furrier Tomáš Lidel lived in the house from 1650, replaced in 1666 by book-binder Jan Ignác Thomas. Lace-maker Bernard Lindner lived in the house in the 1670s, followed by Matyáš Ignác Placeda. Orlice town captain Mikuláš Josef Deichl lived in the house since 1730. The Watzl family held the house until 1805.

Present Use:
Glass and Czech china shop, Exchange office, Antique - antique shop