Latrán No. 70 and 71

Latrán no. 71, overview Location:
Latrán No. 70 and 71

Description of the Building:
Two houses were reconstructed and joined together to create this two story building with an 1895 neo-Renaissance front and a short courtyard wing.

Architectural and Historical Development:
Both original houses stood next to the monastery wall and were built in the Middle Ages. The only part of the original houses that is still here is the cellars. Unfortunately, it is impossible to trace the construction development of the building up to the demolition in 1895. The modern building that was built in 1895 on the plot of the two houses was designed by a local architect named František Sosna.

History of the House Residents:
Anna Jagrová sold the house No. 70 in 1561 for a low price of 65 three scores of Meissen groschen to Marek Kastner. In 1597, the house was sold along with a beer brewing privilege to bookseller Pavel Nayzelek. In 1601, the price of the house was 380 three scores. In 1649, the house was sold together with the garden in front of the Latrán gate (see the History of gates and fortification of Český Krumlov) to Melichar Zaunműller for 600 three scores. Cornet and a servant to the prince Ondřej Vintíř lived in the house in 1666. Sculptor Martin Lindemayer owned the house between 1682 and 1743. In 1846, Václav Matějka purchased the house. No. 71 was bought in 1561 by Valentin Rosenberger who sold it four years later to Hans Kraussochl. After he died, his wife Anna Kraussochlová sold the house in 1570 to shoemaker Šebestián Berger for 170 three scores of Meissen groschen. Gun-maker Baltazar Weyner owned the house from 1573 to 1585. In 1585, hatter Adam Hanemann moved in.Latrán no. 70, overview In 1623, when tailor Matyáš Weiner purchased the house, its market price reached 400 three scores of groschen. Hatter Matyáš Winer owned the house between 1673 and 1678. A locksmith shop used to be in the house from 1679 to 1850. First it was several generations of the Hermann family and then in the beginning of the nineteenth century locksmith Václav Wanka. In 1850, Václav Matějka, the owner of the neighboring No. 70, purchased the house. In 1895, Tomáš Matějka carried out the construction and modernization work that basically destroyed the two historic houses.

Present Use:
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