Latrán No. 49, Klášterní

Latrán no. 49, overview Location:
Latrán No. 49, Klášterní

Description of the Building:
This is a three story building with a Classicist facade on the corner of Klášterní and Dobrkovická. Between the second story windows on the side of the house facing Klášterní is a fresco of the Holy Family with the Holy Trinity above.

Architectural and Historical Development:
Probably during medieval times, two houses were joined together, thus forming this house. The original spatial arrangement was changed during Renaissance by excavating the cellar. The hall with a lowered vault decorated by a groin net dates back to the same period. The second story underwent a Classicist reconstruction and at that time, the third story was probably newly added. The front was modified as well.

Latrán no. 49, frescos Significant Architectural Features:
The first floor vaulted spaces are remarkable, especially the richly decorated vault of the Renaissance hall, as well as the front with the fresco.

History of the House Residents:
First written records about the house exist in the end of the sixteenth century. In 1590, the city council sold this house of the "old brewer Ondřej" to maltsman Osvald Froschauer. It is likely that also the previous owners were maltsmen. Osvald Froschauer married for the second time shortly before purchasing the house with a woman named Anna. After Osvald\'s death, she married maltsman Václav Halas and when he died, she married with Adam Khenz, her neighbor from Latrán No. 48 They lived in the house probably until 1622, when another maltsman named Ondřej Walter bought the house. Brewer Jakub Bezchleba lived here from 1647 to 1657. Then gunpowder-maker Hans Streintz moved in and lived here until 1662. That year, a servant to the prince employed in the granary Wolf Ranner or Rain bought the house. After his death, his wife Eva Alžběta Rainová lived in the house. After her, prince\'s lackey Jan Friedrich Neubek lived here shortly. The Turkowitz family owned the house from 1690 to the 1840s. Several members of the family were stocking-weavers.

Latrán no. 49, overview Present Use:
Patisserie, cafe, pension U kláštera