The Eggenberg Coat-of-arms

The original Eggenberg family emblem was composed of a trio of ravens or rooks bearing a golden crown. A group of five of red five-petalled Rosenberg roses in a silver field in the upper part of the coat-of-arms symbolizes the Krumlov dominion, was gained by the Eggenbergs in 1622. The coat-of-arms also contains two spread-eagles. One in the blue and white field represents the Postojno dominion and the other in the red background the Aquilea dominion. The silver anchor represents the Gradiška dominion and the golden anchor the Ptuj dominion. In the last field is a golden wheel of the Radgona dominion. Above the emblem used to be a princes' crown which symbolized the princes' status as the bearer of the coat-of-arms.

Coat-of-arms of Johann Ulrich von Eggenberg Coat-of-arms of Johann Antonin von Eggenberg Coat-of-arms of Anna Marie von Eggenberg ..