St. Michael's parochial church in Horní Dvořiště

St. Michael archangel church in Horní Dvořiště is first mentioned in year 1252. It had been founded by Vok of Rožmberk and it has been presented as a parochial church till 1384. The present building had been finished in 1511, the church burnt down in 1738 and then it was arched. Since 1658 is a vicarage under patronage of monastery in Vyšší Brod. The parochial memorials are kept since 1786. The church is located on the Southeast end of square at the former cemetery. The chancel is Gothic everything else is in baroque style. Two-storey tower is prismatic. The inner equipment is baroque. The main altar is in column architecture with central painting of St. Michael archangel, polychromatic statues of St. Josef and St. Antonín in living size stay beside. The oldest known bell is from 1773.

Parochial church in Horní Dvořiště

During patronage of Vyšší Brod belonged to the parish Horní Dvořiště the villages and settlements of region Vyšší Brod: Svatomírov (Zwarmetschlag), Kondrátov (Kainretschlag), Český Heršlák (Böhmitsch Hörschlag) and Kamenná (Stein). Another three villages and settlements belonged to region Kaplice. Municipality Horní Dvořiště included 119 houses and 820 Catholics. Towns and settlements of region Vyšší Brod included 81 houses and 513 Catholics. In 1870 was in parish Horní Dvořiště in region Vyšší Brod 200 houses and 1333 Catholics. In the whole parish Horní Dvořiště including area of region Kaplice lived 1660 Catholics.

Parochial church in Horní Dvořiště, source: Gedenkbuch für die Pfarrgemeinde Oberhaid, Felix und Marianne Denkmayr,  1999, ISBN - 3 - 901838 - 60 - 0 Parochial church in Horní Dvořiště


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