PhDr. Vladimír Hašek

(1892 - 1968) Archivist

Karel Tannich, Hynek Gross, Vladimír Hašek, group photo He studied languages and music arts on the Prague university. He graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy in 1919, and in 1924 he graduated from the Archival school in Prague. From 1919 to his retirement in 1959 Vladimír Hašek worked in the castle archives in Český Krumlov. He was responsible for all the changes of qualifications and names of the times during his service until a branch of the Třeboň State Archives in Český Krumlov was established in 1956. He directed this branch from 1956 to 1958. In 1945 - 1955 he worked as District Preserver of the National Trust in Český Krumlov. After 1945 he is credited to the renewal of a Music school in Český Krumlov. He also worked as a director of a music collective called Dalibor and assisted in the development of the town\'s musical life.