Stanislav Cífka

(1929 - 1997) teacher, writer

Professor Cífka was born 13 January 1929 in Bavorovice in the České Budějovice region. In the sixties he was the headmaster of the Český Krumlov gymnasium and from 1962 he taught on the college of pedagogy in České Budějovice. He died in 1997. Cífka was interested in the south Bohemian region, its literature, history and culture, and this interest was reflected in his wide and multiform work as well as his editorial activities. His anthology, collected from the work of poets and writers singing of the beauty and grace of the South Bohemian countryside "In Praise of South Bohemia", won positive public acceptance among his readers. Cífka´s literary historical publications such as an essay entitled České Budějovice in Literature (from the seventies) and a work of a team of writers entitled "Literature - Theatre" in Jihočeská vlastivěda edition are also indisputable treasures of the literature of the South Bohemia region.