Anna Marie Rosenberg von Baden

(1562 - 1583) aristocrat

Church of St. Vitus in Český Krumlov, tombstone of Anna Marie von Rosenberg, geb. von Baden at the entrance to the chapel of St. Jan Nepomuk She was the third wife of Wilhelm von Rosenberg. She married him in 1578 in the Český Krumlov castle. During their wedding celebration that lasted several days, the guests consumed 40 stags, another 20 pieces of large game, 30 wood grouses, 2,050 partridges, 150 oxen, 546 calves, 654 pigs, 450 rams, 5,135 geese, 3,166 chickens, 18,000 carps, 10,209 pikes, 312,000 crabs and 30,000 eggs. This wedding was also connected to the extensive constructional activity of the Český Krumlov Castle (see Renaissance castle rooms) in the late 1570\'s. A painter at the Rosenberg court, Gabriel de Blonde also participated in this. Anna Marie Rosenberg was buried beside her husband in the Saint Vitus church.