Peter Wok von Rosenberg

(1539 - 1611) aristocrat

Peter Wok von Rosenberg, life-size portrait, Charles Louis Philippot, 19th century From his childhood, Peter Wok grew up in the shadow of his older brother Wilhelm von Rosenberg who was being prepared for the position of Rosenberg. This was a reason why Peter Wok never achieved a more influential position or more success in politics and lived in seclusion at the Bechyně castle. He took over the care of the Rosenberg after Wilhelm´s death in 1592. Because he did not have any children with his wife Kateřina of Ludanice, he was forced to sell the Český Krumlov castle to Emperor Rudolf II von Habsburg in 1601, also because his family was in deep debt. Peter Wok used to be described in the older literature only as a spoiled profligate, but this is quite untrue. The "last Rosenberg" died in 1611 in his residence in Třeboň. See also the last Rosenberg, Peter Wok von Rosenberg.


Coat-of-arms of Peter Wok von Rosenberg