Kryštof Kulička

(1535 - around 1575) Schoolmaster

Kryštof Kulička was born into the family of a wealthy citizen who owned a house on Latrán. Kryštof went to a local primary school in Český Krumlov and later on studied on the sponsorship of Wilhelm von Rosenberg on the highly reputable Lutheran Academy in Saxon Wittenberg. After his return to Český Krumlov in 1557 he became the director of a local school. Later on he held the office of town clerk of Český Krumlov. Even though the Rosenberg sovereign tried hard to achieve school reform via restrained Catholicism, Kryštof Kulička remained true to his Lutheran religion during his service in school and town council. His son Augustin experienced a different religious development. Likely at Wilhelm von Rosenberg\'s insistence, he was predestined to a Jesuit education in the Jesuit Academy in Prague. Between 1602 - 1603 he moved to Freistadt where he worked in an office of a town clerk.