Karel Hrdina

(1882 - 1949)

Finished his studies on the Czech secondary school in České Budějovice (1892 - 1900) and classical philosophy on the Faculty of Philosophy of the Charles University in Prague (1900 - 1904, graduated in 1906). From 1919 he taught on the secondary schools in Prague and Kolín, later on he worked in the Ministry of Education and Adult Education. He was a member of the Czech Academy of Science and Arts. At the beginning of his scientific activity he inquired into the problems of Latin methodology, and later on he became interested in Czech humanistic literature. He is credited to publishing a text called "A Handbook to a Humanistic Literature, Particularly Poetical, in Bohemia and Moravia in the 16th Century". He prepared many monumental works of literature written in the Czech language for publishing (travel books and other). He was an excellent translator of Czech literature written in Latin ("Biography of Karel IV., The Czech Chronicle of Kosmas). He also translated pieces from Antique literature (Satirikon of Petronios). A memorial tablet has been placed on his house in Černice.