Jiří Bendl

(died around 1651) Renaissance sculptor

A journeyman carpenter, Jiří Bendl came from Upper Schwabia to Munich in 1588, Munich being at the time of late Renaissance and mannerism one of the eminent culture centres of Central Europe. He came to Český Krumlov during the life of Wilhelm von Rosenberg, who needed a skillful modeller to do the russet decorations on the castle tower.

Castle tower in Český Krumlov, detail of masks, 16th century

The main work of Jiří Bendl in Český Krumlov was a monumental tomb of the same ruler in the local St. Vítus Church in Český Krumlov, presbytery. The tomb was made in 1592 - 1596 and unfortunately was not saved. The tomb was in epitaph shape and was crowned with a sculpted piece of the so-called Rosenberg rider. From 1594 the tomb decorated the interior of a famous roundel at the Jindřichův Hradec castle. Bendl left Jindřichův Hradec probably for Prague where a magnificent construction of emperor\'s residence of Rudolf II. von Habsburg was culminating at the time.