Jan Smil of Křemže

(died 1447) Member of gentry

Jan Smil of Křemže came from a gentry family and spent his childhood at his family fortress. As he was not too rich, he entered into the service of Ulrich II. von Rosenberg. When Ulrich abandoned the chalice religion, Smil left his service and became a follower of the Hussites. He married Anna from Rožmitál, thus bringing him into considerable estates. From 1420 he became the owner of the Hus castle. Ulrich observed Smil\'s burglarious way of living with displeasure. Disagreements between both neighbours culminated after Hussite the wars in Smil being arrested in 1439 and put in jail in the Český Krumlov castle. He spent eight years there and was finally executed in 1447. Ulrich II. von Rosenberg subsequently confiscated the estates of Jan Smil of Křemže and ordered his family fortress destroyed.