Johann Nepomuk zu Schwarzenberg

(1742 - 1789) Aristocrat

Alliance coats-of-arms: Josef Johann von Schwarzenberg, Johann Nepomuk von Schwarzenberg and Marie Eleonora von Schwarzenberg Although Johann did not reach such a significant post at the emperor´s court as did his father Josef Adam zu Schwarzenberg or his grandfather Adam Franz zu Schwarzenberg, he remained in seclusion and very carefully ran the Schwarzenberg estates where he introduced new agricultural methods and products such as clover or lucerne. He also looked after the development of forestry in the Šumava forests. The construction of the Schwarzenberg navigational canal according to the projects of Josef Rosenauer. began under his rule. His son Josef zu Schwarzenberg followed up with his father´s activities. His two sons Josef and Karel I. established two new family branches in the year 1802 - one of them was Krumlov-Hluboká and the other Orlik.