Johann Adolf II. zu Schwarzenberg

(1799 - 1888) Aristocrat

Johann Adolf II. zu Schwarzenberg, portrait He did not reach such a high position in public and political life as did his brothers Felix zu Schwarzenberg and Friedrich zu Schwarzenberg, . He did not aspire after significant posts at the emperor´s court, but even so he was entrusted several times with diplomatic missions in Berlin and London. He especially cared for agriculture, forestry, fish-pond cultivation and industry on the Schwarzenberg estates. There he introduced new methods, new products and new business activities. He was chairman of a fish-pond cultivation company in Prague and Vienna and he also founded the Museum of Forestry on the Ohrada chateau near Hluboká. Together with his wife Eleonora zu Schwarzenberg - maiden name von Lichtenstein - he adapted the Hluboká nad Vltavou castle.