Dr. Friedrich Nitsche

(1835 - 1923) notary and politician

Friedrich Nitsche was born into a Czech-German family in Innsbruck. He studied university in Vienna and Innsbruck. Upon attainment of a law doctorate, he resettled as a notary to Vyšší Brod. Here he became involved in public affairs, was active in the town council and became the town\'s mayor. Under his rule a new school was built, town spas were established, the town hall was renovated and regothicised to its present appearance, and the town park was founded. Nitsche also functioned in higher politics. He worked long years in the empirical council as vice-chairman of the permanent committee for the reformation of civil processes and criminal rights. He was member of many comissions and councils, and worked as one of the elected directors of the Czech Regional Bank in Prague. He also realized proposals for economic development and the cultural enrichment of South Bohemia. He was named an honorable citizen in eleven south Czech towns and townships, was a bearer of the Order of the Iron Crown of the IIIrd class, and as well as holding a high title of the governmental council was raised to aristocratic status by Emperor Franz Josef I. in 1901. He died after a long difficult illness on the 4th of December 1923 in Vyšší Brod.