Eleonora zu Schwarzenberg

(1812 - 1873) maiden name von Lichtenstein Aristocrat

Eleonora married Johann Adolf II. zu Schwarzenberg in 1830. Her visit and stay in Český Krumlov is evidenced by the suite of Eleonora zu Schwarzenberg that forms a part of the second visit route of the castle. Together with her husband she went to England several times where she was attracted by the traditional Gothic seats of the English aristocracy. For this reason, she decided to rebuild the Baroque castle Hluboká in Neo-gothic style in the 1840\'s. This castle was meant to be a new representative and residential seat of the family. This active woman co-operated personally on the reconstruction of the Hluboká castle by choosing particular architectonic elements from models and catalogues and furnishing the individual interiors of the castle. She is also credited with the construction of a new family tomb in Třeboň (1873) situated on the bank of the Svět pond.

Český Krumlov Castle, Princess Eleanor´s study, foto: Libor Sváček