Egon Schiele

(1890 - 1918) Painter

Born in 1890 in Tulin in Austria into a family led by a railway station master. His mother, Marie Soukupová, came from Český Krumlov. Her family house is situated in Parkán no. 111 street.

Český Krumlov, the house where Egon Schiele lived, foto: Lubor Mrázek

en Egon´s father died in 1905 he was brought up by his uncle Leopold Czichaczek, a great admirer of music and arts. A cultured milieu of the uncle´s family led Schiele to an artistic career, and he entered the Academy in Vienna. He very soon became a follower of a new artistic movement called secessionism. He lived in Český Krumlov for ten years (1907 - 1917), incorporating his tragic feelings into the series of paintings "Dead City".

Václav Bedřich, portrét Egona Schieleho Egon Schiele, portrait

Egon´s bohemian style of living, visits by young ladies of Krumlov serving as models, erotic motives of his drawings - all this was too much for the small-town mentality of Krumlov\'s inhabitants, and he was forced to leave town. Schiele´s studio from those times still exists at Plešivec no. 343. In 1918 he died from the Spanish influenza epidemic at less than 28 years old. Nevertheless, he left a great amount of work behind - 250 paintings and 2 000 drawings. His work is presently displayed at the Egon Schiele Art Center in Český Krumlov.


Egon Schiele, Black City, watercolor