Antonín Langweil

(1791 - 1837) Printer and the author of a model of Prague

Childhood and youth spent in Český Krumlov where his family owned the house Náměstí no. 9 on the square. After he finished his studies at Catholic secondary school in České Budějovice, he continued at the Schwarzenberg Economic Institute (Schwarzenberkský hospodářský ústav) in Český Krumlov and on the Academy of Arts in Vienna where he learned lithography.

Antonín Langweil, view onto Český Krumlov, graphic

In 1819 he left for Prague where he established a printing office. Later on he worked as a library servant in a university library, and created a unique paper model of Prague. His lithography works are now a part of collections of the District National Museum in Český Krumlov.