Široká No. 78

Široká no.  78, overview Location:
Široká No. 78

Description of the Building:
A two-storey house built aside the street line. The front of the house is flat. The layout gets narrower towards the back into a wing, lit only by a central shaft yard. Only vaulting with lunettes in the divided hall have been preserved from the original construction.

Architectural and Historical Development:
The house No. 78 probably existed in the late-Gothic period. The fact that it is built aside the street line in front of the other houses can be explained that the building was built at the front of corner fortification, which can not be proved nowadays. The house was completely rebuilt in the second half of the 19th century, when the second floor was added and the street facade was articulated in the present way. Some changes were carried out during another radical reconstruction in the 1980s.

History of the House Residents:
The existence of the house was first documented at the beginning of the 16th century, when it belonged to a slater Zdeněk. After his death in 1531 it was inherited by his wife, who died in 1540. Survivors sold it to Jiří Pflug. In 1556 his widow Kateřina sold the house to a cloth-cutter Štefl Makovice. He kept it until 1607, when Šebestián Antengrueber moved there. From 1647 a court master of the hounds Jan Jiří Koch lived there. After six years Krumlov municipality bought the house from him. In 1654 a miller Jiří Promeissel obtained it, followed by a court glass-maker Karel Pramhofer in 1662. In the years 1694 - 1735 the house was owned by Jakub Wlash, who was a warden in the convent of Clare nuns. A locksmith František Čiskovský appeared there shortly and then a turner Jan Jiří Mangery became the owner of the house in 1735. A kettle-smith Adam Mekel lived there in the years 1743 - 1775. After him a family of Rösch lived in the house to at least the 1840s.

Present Use:
There are some offices of the Český Krumlov Municipal Authority.