Šatlavská No. 140

Šatlavská No. 140

Description of the Building:
One-storey corner building on a side of a hill. On the first floor, a painted picture of the Immaculate highlights this smooth facade between the two windows. Over Masná street a prampouch is vaulted. The ground floor layout is not very remarkable. The rear areas on the lowered level are barrel vaulted which are the same as the cellar. The first floor has a modern layout.

Architectural and Historical Development:
The building is of Gothic origin (first mentioned in written form in 1484). A stone cellar with a fractional portal and maybe the middle area, which is additionally vaulted, were preserved from the original building. The rear wing was additionally added. The ground floor layout was reconstructed during the Classical period, and in 1867 the first floor was radically adapted. Another reconstruction occurred in 1980.

Significant Architectural Features:
On the first floor a mural of the Immaculate is set on this smooth facade between the two windows.

History of the House Residents:
Similar to the nearest neighbours, this house also burned down in the 1867 fire, and accordingly was reconstructed. At the beginning of the 16th century the house belonged to a baker, Kunc,who was recorded as an owner of this house in 1484. After he died, his sons Štěpán, who lived in Šatlavská 140, Madona Immaculata Jindřichův Hradec and a tanner, Václav, inherited the house. Their mother, Dorota Kuncová, bought the house from them, and in the last will endowed it to her sister Kateřina and her husband in 1520. He was also a baker, and took over the name of the baker who lived in the house before, so he was also called baker Kunc. In 1536 he exchanged the house with a higgler, Dorota, who was a widow after Lindl Dirnhovar. After she died the house was inherited by her son, Vaněk Zpěváček, who sold it to a baker named Mates in 1540. In the middle of the 1540`s, a baker Hans acquired the house, and in 1559 sold it to another baker, Petr Wolfram. In 1562 Peter exchanged it with Mikuláš Rauscher for his house on Plešivec. Rauscher was a city scribe, and he resided on the street Šatlavská until 1567. At the end of the 1560`s the house belonged to a baker, Silvestr. After he died his widow Dorota sold the house to a baker, Urban Vettera in 1569. Shortly after that Dorota bought the house back, and married a baker also named Silvester. In 1580 Dorota became a widow again, and married another baker, Erhart Silbermann. He sold it to a cooper, Blažej Kaiser, in 1590. After Blažej died in 1600, his son Michal Kaiser bought the house and paid off his siblings Jakub, Anežka, Brigita, Voršila, and Zuzanka. He owned the house until 1626. In the 1640`s a malt maker, Václav Scherf, resided in the house, and after he died his widow Kateřina took over the house and lived there until 1650. Another owner, Konrád Zenger, was also a malt maker. During 1710 - 1729 a brewer, Bedřich Vítek (Witekh), inhabited the house. From the middle of the 18th century until at least the end

Šatlavská 140, foto: Libor Sváček

Present Use:
The building is now Castle View Apartments (Daily and Weekly Rentals) with seven apartments varying in size for two persons to six persons. The interier has been completely renovated and updated.