Rybářská č. p. 8 a č. p. 9

Rybářská No. 8 a No. 9

Description of the Building:
A ground floor building on the side of a hill with very complicated floor plan. Is covered by a gable roof with shingles. A side wall has a wooden loggia.

Architectural and Historical Development:
The layout and circuit masonry are of Renaissance origin (rooms with inner log cabin facing). Adapted in the time of Classicism in 1687 (room with preserved segment barrel vault). Further reconstruction was performed in 1967.

Significant Architectural Features:
On the facade is a stone label portal with initials FA 1609 (No. 8).

Rybářská no. 8, entrance portal

History of the House Residents:
Rybářská No. 7

Present Use:
SP studio

Rybářská no. 8, view from Rybářská Street