Rybářská č. p. 38

Rybářská No. 38

Description of the Building:
One-storey building with a non-divided facade.

Architectural and Historical Development:
Two wing layout with inaugural staircase hall. The right part is semicircular barrel vaulted. Other areas have flat ceilings with visible timbers. It was built in the 15th century, and later was Classically reconstructed. Further adaptations were performed in 1930.

History of the House Residents:
At the beginning of the 16th century the house belonged to Brich Lesk, who was replaced in 1520 by Beneš Radšík. One of them was probably a fisherman. Next a tanner Pavel moved into the house, but he apparently left, because in 1540 the house was sold as empty to some Kolman, maybe with surname Mailatinger. A hewer, Linhart Mailatinger, owned the house until 1568, when a glazier, Hans Simrl, moved in. After he died in 1579, the house was taken care of by his widow Marta and, after her, by Kryštof Lifleitner. From 1591 - 1599 a weaver, Vincenc Rosenberger, occupied the house. He was replaced in 1605 by Beneš Achniczer. In this year, an Italian sculptor, Giovanni Pietro Martinola, moved into the house. During the period of 1622 - 1635 a butcher trade was conducted in the house. At this time the house was inhabited by Kryštof Pach, and from 1627 by Matyáš Schmol. After them the house was bought by a tanner, Lorenc Hauer. From 1684 he lived there with his son Filip, who tanned leather and coloured them red. In 1725 the house was acquired by a knitter, Emerich May, who was replaced three years later by Matyáš Hauer. From 1729 a riddle maker or řešetář Petr Kalteneker owned the house. His family occupied the house until 1768. Residents at the end of the 18th century included Ondřej Ziegner, and from 1793, Martin Tschandl. During the 1806 - 1810 the house belonged to Bartoloměj and Terezie Pölterl and after them, until at least the 1840's, to Jakub Böhm.

Present Use:
Residential house.