Rybářská č. p. 36

Rybářská No. 36

Description of the Building:
A renaissance building with a sgraffito facade and an oval vaulted gate entryway. It has a wooden gable and a new shingle roof. A smooth frontal facade with an original attic.

Architectural and Historical Development:
A ground floor farm building with a farmyard. On the smooth facade is a preserved sgraffito decoration. Ground floor areas are vaulted into transoms. A Renaissance building, original yard, is reminiscent of the beginning of the 1540's. It was adapted in 1911 and 1966.

Significant Architectural Features:
Sgraffito blocking, sea weave and two five-petalled roses on the house facade. There is a corner block in the shape of post footer.

Rybářská no. 36, grafitto and corner buffer stone Rybářská no. 36, corner buffer stone Rybářská no. 36, grafitto

History of the House Residents:
This land, as a yard or garden, went through the hands of many Český Krumlov citizens, from as early as 1527. From the beginning of the 18th century the yard belonged to the Wenhart family. They also owned a house, No. 6, in the street Rybářská. In 1840 Kateřina took it over from Antonín Wenhart, still as a yard. The building was reconstructed to a residential house, where from 1922 - 1945 a pork butcher resided.

Present Use:
Residential house.