Rooseveltova No. 39

Rooseveltova No. 39

Description of the Building:
Two-storey building on the side of a hill, oblong floor plan with styleless facade (only on the left side). One wing ground floor and first floor layout with flat ceilinged premises. On the back an ovally barrel vaulted narrow hall.

Architectural and Historical Development:
In 1654 the house did not yet exist, and in 1661 there was only a stable. The present buildings are a result of many adaptations. From the thickness of the facade wall in the right part, we can assume an additional prolongation of the structure. The first floor was built by increasing the jamb wall in 1932, which is preserved in the right part as a loft half-storey.

History of the House Residents:
In 1661 there was a stable on this place which belonged to Jiří Sporeigl and not even in 1684 can we talk about a residential house. Most probably Jan Jiří Zöch gave the order to built this house before 1699. He was replaced by a wheeler, Urban Konopa. From 1717 - 1733 we can meet here a teacher, Antonín Vít Paul and after him Josef Mattuni. In 1740, Jiří Lindel inhabited the house, followed by Matyáš Kotzmich in 1792. Karel Schullerbauer owned this house since 1804 until maybe the 1840`s.

Present Use:
Pension café Anna