Masná No. 138

Masná no. 138, overview Location:
Masná No. 138

Description of the Building:
One-storey building with a gable roof, built during the late Gothic period. The front of the facade is decorated with plain sgraffito. The ground floor has barrel vaulted ceilings. The first floor has flat ceilings.

History of the House Residents:
At the beginning of the 16th century the house belonged to Symandl (Zikmund). He was replaced by Pemrl. From the beginning of the 1520\'s the house was occupied by a butcher named Muláček, who died in the end of the 1520`s. In 1531 his widow Dorota died, and endowed the house to the daughter and son-in-law, Řehoř Muláček. In addition to the house, Řehoř Muláček also owned the butchery. He died before 1545, and his widow was married again to a butcher, Lukáš, who also used the name Muláček. In 1563 the house was bought by a butcher, Jiřík from Hlavatce. One year later he give up the house to a tailor, Jan Štetar, also called Jan Behem. He lived in the house until 1574. That year a tailor, Jan, sold the house to a belt maker, Kryštof Ludvík. In 1582 he sold it to a butcher, Bartoloměj Habenstier. There are missing records about the end of Habenstier family, most of which probably died in 1598 during the pestilence. In 1599 the city council sold the house to a butcher, Šebestián Moravec, who was ten years later replaced by Gedeon Neumann. During 1614 - 1622, Hans Schaub, inhabited the house. He was replaced by a needle maker or a pin maker, Jindřich Schneider. He owned the house until 1651. That year Antonín Antengrueber moved into the house, and inhabited it until 1667. During 1667 - 1750 Kryštof Tak lived there, and in 1715, Havel Wurzinger, conducted a weaver trade in the house. In 1807 a shoemaker, Matyáš Schwarz, resided in the house, and during next two years, a teacher, Petr Zettel, lived there. From 1809 until at least the 1840`s, Antonín Tragau inhabited the house.

Present Use:
Accommodation Helena Müllerová