Latrán No. 51, Klášterní street

Latrán no.  51, overview, foto: Ladislav Pouzar Location:
Latrán No. 51, Klášterní street

Description of the Building:
This is a small two story house with a 1910 front.

Architectural and Historical Development:
The house is late Gothic, radically reconstructed in 1910.

Significant Architectural Features:
The house is not very valuable from the historic or architectural point of view with the exception of the rear of the first floor with its oval barrel vault.

History of the House Residents:
In 1553, the house was owned by Janek Maý and then by his son Vaněk (Václav). After Vaněk\'s death, his pregnant wife Dorota and son Matěj inherited the house. Dorota later married Jiří Cikán and after he died, tailor Hynek (Jinřich) Houska. She moved to Houska\'s house in Latrán No. 42 and sold No. 51 to maltsman Petr Korbel who sold it in 1588 to coachman Matouš Ház, originally from Čáslav, who lived here until 1609. Weaver Tomáš Wőss lived in the house from 1609 to 1613, followed by Štefan Eyschel. In 1624, another weaver Tomáš Wess, maybe a relative of Tomáš Wőss, purchased the house. Gardener Hans Hartman moved into the house in 1630 and when he died, his wife Anna lived there alone until 1668. In 1687, the house was purchased by the Eggenberg actor Johann Valentin Petzold, known as Kilián Brustfleck because of the character ha often played. Weaver František Hochetschläger lived here from 1725 to 1745 and his family owned the house until 1758 when it was sold to tailor Benedikt Široký. The Široký family owned the house until 1841.

Present Use:
Tourist accommodation in private rooms.