Latrán No. 16

Latrán no. 16, overview Location:
Latrán No. 16

Description of the Building:
Burgher house with an asymmetrical floor plan with a three story main building and a facade from 1869 facing the street. The western wing is a two story building. There are storage houses and barns in the back of the property adjacent to the former city wall. When we enter through the carriage-way between the house No. 13 and house No. 16, we see a facade decorated with letter-shaped sgraffito on our left.

Architectural and Historical Development:
The house is probably Gothic, as is evidenced by the stone barrel vaulted cellar under the eastern part of the main building. There is a Renaissance hall on the ground floor with a barrel vault with caps, later divided by bars. Sgraffito is preserved under the plaster. During the Classicist period, ceilings and vaults on the second story were modified and the entire wing was expanded. The third story was added in 1869. The courtyard buildings were probably built during Renaissance but modified during Classicism. The buildings in the back have undergone modern reconstruction.

Latrán no. 16, vault of entrance hall Latrán no. 16, vault of entrance hall Latrán no. 16, vault of entrance hall

Significant Architectural Features:

Latrán no. 16, side facade, entrance History of the House Residents:
Baker Kristl, also referred to as the "upper baker," owned the house in the beginning of the sixteenth century. Joiner Kryštof lived and worked in the house in the beginning of the 1540s. Kateřina, the widow of Kryštof, lived in the house with her adult son Lorenc after her husband\'s death in 1551. Daughter Anna was already married at that time. The family lived in the house at least until the end of the decade. At the beginning of the 1570s, cloth-maker Šimon Ryneš bought the house, then in 1571 married widow Johana from Bavorov with a son named Ambrož. Johana died in 1579 and Šimon remarried, this time with a woman named Verena. After Šimon died in 1593, Verena married a widower Tomáš Neupaur from Frymburk. Into the marriage which lasted only a year, Verena brought her children Mates, Jindřich, Barbora and Magdalena. A year after Verena\'s death, in 1596, Tomáš sold his house to Petr Wok von Rosenberg. The ruler gave the house to counselor Reinhart Jan Gerhart from Lišvice, who lived there until 1604. The family of Matyáš Lederer owned the house from 1641, followed by Filip Hőltzl, a tawer who dressed red leather. Antonín Hauer, who owned the house from 1703 to 1749 was also a tawer. The Thaller family lived here since the beginning of the nineteenth century.

Latrán no. 16, side facade, sgrafitto facade Present Use:
There is a Zapa cafe on the ground floor and then residences.
In rear section - International Art Studio